Israel's Criminal Shelling of Gaza and Imperialist Hypocrisy

A storm of bombs and fire grotesquely denominated “Operation Protective Edge” has been unleashed by the Israeli government on the civilian population of Gaza. Over the last days more than 400 tons of high potential […]

South Africa: Two Hundred Thousand Metal Workers On Strike—Bosses Respond With Lockouts

On Tuesday, 1 July, hundreds of thousands of metalworkers went out on strike in the engineering and metals sectors, bringing the industry to a complete standstill. The strike involves small, medium and large companies, with […]

Bolshevism and the Arab Revolution

From a Marxist point of view, the Bolshevik Revolution was the greatest single event in world history. Why? Because here, for the first time, if we exclude the heroic but tragic episode of the Paris […]

Ukraine: Breaking with the Pro-war Nationalist Hysteria

Disastrous conflicts such as civil wars are often remembered for their perpetrators in the form of leaders and generals. It is often forgotten the influence of the media in creating war hysteria. In the conflict […]

Iraq Falling Apart: The Forces Behind the Insurgency

The speed with which large swathes of Iraqi territory have fallen to a relatively small force of armed militias begs the question as to how this was possible. The Iraqi armed forces were numerically much […]

India and Pakistan: Trapped in the Duplicitous History of the Two Ruling Classes

Ever since the reactionary and bloody partition of the South Asian subcontinent in 1947, any major incident on either side of the Radcliff line will lead to finger-pointing across the other side of the border. 

Brazil Football World Cup Inequality
Brazil: Who is the World Cup For?

This year’s football world cup tournament has brought to the surface a whole series of contradictions between public and private interests, between the interests of the bourgeoisie and those of the working class.

isil 1
Civil War and Black Reaction in Iraq: a Frankenstein’s Monster of Imperialism Raises its Head

ISIS captured Mosul and then proceeded South towards Baghdad. Hundreds of thousands have already fled fearing their lives under the rule of this reactionary group. This specter of barbarism rising on the horizon is the […]

LGBTQ Struggle in Africa

On February 13, 2014, the Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan, announced the passage of tough restrictions that outlawed gay marriage and all homosexual activity. He even went so far as to criminalize membership or participation in […]

Narendra Modi supporter
India: A Vote of Despair

The landslide victory of the BJP and the meteoric rise of Narendra Modi as a populist leader have stunned a large number of secular and liberal analysts in India and elsewhere. They were in reality […]

Stalinist Publisher Claims Copyright on Marx and Engels

The decision of Lawrence & Wishart to demand that the Marxist Internet Archive ( take down the collected works of Marx and Engels from their website has sparked justified outrage across the internet.    

Soma Massacre: Anger Sweeps Turkey—Down with the Government of Murderers and Thieves!

274 miners have been declared dead and up to a hundred are still trapped underground after an explosion in a Turkish coal mine in the western town of Soma. The accident reveals the ruthless exploitation […]