The Land Offensive Begins in Gaza: But What Next?

After much prevarication, the Israeli army started ground operations in Gaza over the weekend. But it was not a full-scale invasion. So what are Netanyahu and his generals preparing for?

Zionism and Capitalism: Hands Off Our Universities!

Powerful capitalists with investments in higher education are pressuring university administrations to impose harsh disciplinary measures on pro-Palestinian campus activists.

While Israel Slaughters Gaza, Millions of Americans Are Turning Against US Imperialism

A new generation of communists and left-leaning workers are witnessing the crimes of US imperialism play out in real time. Beneath the surface, dramatic changes in consciousness are developing.

Join the Communists to Kick TPUSA Off ASU’s Campus!

TPUSA goons assaulted an Arizona State University professor. It is up to ASU’s students, professors, and workers to ensure this disgusting queer-bashing and the organization that sponsors it are driven from our campus!

The Nightmare of a Gaza Land Invasion and Its Consequences

As Israel prepares its forces for a land invasion of Gaza, all the western imperialist leaders, from Biden to Sunak, Scholz, and Macron, are getting very nervous.

Communism in Your Own Backyard: Open Letter to the Minnesota Republican Party Chairman

The chairman of the Minnesota GOP is right about one thing: The communist movement is back and growing stronger every day. But has he ever stopped to ask himself why our ideas are so popular?

Starbucks Workers United Stands with Palestine: This is the Way Forward for Labor!

Starbucks Workers United has paved the way and demonstrated what all labor unions should be doing: standing with Palestine. It is now up to the rest of the labor movement to stand up and fight!

Palestine: The Failure of the Two-State Solution and the Communist Alternative

The IMT stands in solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people against imperialism. But how is freedom to be achieved?

Israel fire
Israel-Palestine: Imperialists Worried War Could Escalate

Israel’s war on Gaza has all the potential to escalate into a much bigger conflict, with fronts opening up on the border with Lebanon and on the West Bank, and turmoil spreading throughout the region.

Palestine Demo France
France: Against the Repression of the Palestine Solidarity Movement!

In the name of “Israel’s right to defend itself” and “the fight against terrorism and antisemitism,” Macron’s government decreed that indignation at Israel’s invasion of Gaza was unacceptable and must be silenced, at all costs.

Arizona State University
To AZ State Rep. Joseph Chaplik: Capitalism Is Teaching the Kids Communism!

Arizona State Representative Joseph Chaplik recently complained to ASU officials over the IMT’s upcoming “Marxism training” at one of the largest campuses in the country. We thank him for promoting our upcoming Marxist school!

Why Communists Call for “Intifada until Victory!”

The communists of the IMT will continue to defend the revolutionary heritage of the Palestinian uprising, and boldly put forward the slogan at every opportunity: Intifada until victory!