Israeli PM Netanyahu
Sanitizing War Crimes: Palestine, Israel, and COVID-19

The Gaza Strip, already under heavy restrictions and shortages since the beginning of the blockade 13 years ago, now must also contend with the threat of COVID-19.

Protests in Chile 2019
Perspectives for World Revolution (2020 Draft)

Despite being prepared far before the present events, the following document outlines all of the underlying contradictions which are now revealing themselves in the coronavirus crisis.

Socialist Revolution livestream on the COVID-19 economic crisis
[Video] COVID-19 and the Economic Crisis

Join our weekly livestream on Saturday 18 at 7PM ET for a Marxist analysis of the unprecedented economic crisis that the coronavirus pandemic has triggered.

Working Life Under COVID-19

A first-hand report from an employee at a Midwestern real estate law office—this is just one of many examples of how the bosses are willing to risk the lives of their own employees to make […]

Bernie Sanders at an MLK Day rally in 2016
Bernie Sanders and the Lessons of the “Dirty Break”: Why Socialists Shouldn’t Run as Democrats

How did Sanders, who struck terror into the DNC leadership, end up reframing his candidacy as a stratagem to “realign” the Democratic Party?

Earth Destroying
Global Warming: No, the Virus Is Not the Solution!

The COVID-19 outbreak is rampant. Some reactionaries rejoice at this and go so far as to assert that “the virus is the solution to save the planet!” Marxists must staunchly counter this nonsense. 

The Capitalists Can’t Sustain Supply Chains Through the Crisis

Due to the incompetence of the US government, and the general inability of capitalism to respond meaningfully to the coronavirus pandemic, medical supplies are now in shortage at hospitals around the country.

Trump US Imperialism Venezuela
Trump Orders Deployment of Naval Forces off Venezuelan Coasts

Over the past week, US imperialism has escalated its levels of aggression against the Venezuelan government. Now, naval forces have been deployed near Venezuelan coasts in the Caribbean.

Graffiti saying make the rich pay for COVID-19
Them and Us: Rich vs. Poor during the COVID-19 Pandemic

We are told: “the virus does not discriminate.” In reality, the privileged elite, who enjoy relative safety, expect the workers to risk infection to keep profits rolling in.

Socialist Revolution Livestream COVID-19 working class
[VIDEO] Workers Fight Back in the Class War Against COVID-19

In our latest livestream episode, Socialist Revolution editor Tom Trottier discusses the workers’ fightback against the coronavirus crisis in the US and around the world.

Supermarket checker wears mask in COVID-19 crisis
Yesterday’s Low-Wage Service Workers: Today’s Essential Labor

As a grocery worker, like so many others who fall into the category of essential labor, staying at home to ride out the storm is not a luxury I am afforded.

Las Vegas Homelessness Covid 19
Las Vegas, COVID-19, and the Homeless Crisis

The coronavirus outbreak has exacerbated the US homeless crisis. After a shelter closed in Las Vegas due to a positive case, officials spray painted rectangles on a parking lot for the homeless to practice “social […]

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