Reading Lists Out Now for World School of Communism!

This June, revolutionary communists from around the globe will found a new Revolutionary Communist International. We intend the RCI to become a worldwide party of revolutionary action. Why then do we need a reading list?

Israeli bulldozer
The Economic Strangulation of the Palestinian People

Beyond the genocidal military campaign in Gaza and the constant expansion of the settlements in the West Bank, there is another war going on on the economic front in Palestine.

Haiti: Prime Minister Henry Resigns as Regime Collapses

A gang-led coup in Haiti has led to the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry. US imperialism is scrambling to regain control of the situation, but the Haitian state is in utter disarray.

Ukraine & CIA collaboration
New Report Exposes 12 CIA Bases in Ukraine: So Much for National Sovereignty!

A recent New York Times article details collaboration between the CIA and Ukrainian intelligence services, including the construction of 12 CIA bases.

China Bank crisis
China: Impending Banking Catastrophe

At present, Chinese banks are harshly restricting the outflow of funds. This is undoubtedly sending a dangerous signal that China’s banking system may be facing a serious shortage of funds.

The Conformist & The Garden of Delights (1970)
Fascism on Film

Two films from 1970, The Conformist and The Garden of Delights, present a harrowing portrait of everyday life under fascism.

Manifesto of the Revolutionary Communist International

The Revolutionary Communist International will strive to become the banner under which the awakening generation of revolutionary workers and youth can assemble to overthrow capitalism.

International Working Women's Day
Lenin, Communism, and the Emancipation of Women

The greatest advances for women’s liberation were not achieved through individual struggles against systemic oppression but in collective, revolutionary struggle to fundamentally change society.

China vs. India in the 20th Century: Why We Need a Planned Economy

Despite its bureaucratic deformations, the Chinese Revolution offers a glimpse of what a planned economy can achieve once the American working class takes power.

Trump, the Ruling Class, and the Crisis of the Regime

The entire regime of American capitalism is divided, and the era of relative political, economic, and social stability is over.

Boeing 737 MAX 9
737 Max 9 Blowout: Boeing Gambles with Human Lives for Profit

The 737 Max 9 blowout shows once again that Boeing’s bosses play dice with the lives of aircrews and passengers, all for the sake of profit.

Aaron Bushnell: An Act Expressing the Rage and Frustration of Millions

The news of Aaron Bushnell’s brave act of self-sacrifice has powerfully echoed through the hearts of hundreds of millions of men and women.