“Eco-Anxiety” Spreads among Youth
“Eco-Anxiety” Spreads among Youth

Transitioning from fossil fuels will cost $9 trillion a year. “Climate finance” capitalists say they can’t find the money.

Fiona’s 10 demands: A revolutionary communist programme for workers and youth
British Communist Fiona Lali’s Revolutionary Program for Upcoming UK Election

British communist Fiona Lali is running in the upcoming UK election with a program that links the imperialist slaughter in Gaza to the austerity and attacks facing workers and youth in Britain.

What would it mean to finally dismantle US imperialism?
What Would It Mean to Finally Dismantle US Imperialism?

US imperialism is the single greatest counterrevolutionary force on Earth. What would it mean, concretely, to actually dismantle it?

A New Heyday for American Communism
A New Heyday for American Communism

The communists are no longer a handful of individuals huddled together in the political wilderness. It’s taken nearly a century, but communism is making a comeback.

RCA Comrade Could Face 90 Days in Jail for Giving Leaflets to Coworkers

On June 10, RCA comrade Milos Minos will appear in court for an unusual crime: discussing wages and working conditions with their own coworkers at the Minneapolis International Airport.

Stop ICE rally San Francisco, 2018
What Would a World Without Borders Look Like?

Communists fight for an end to all borders, deportation centers, militarized patrols, full rights and amnesty for all undocumented workers and their families.

Anxiety depression isolation mental health
It’s Not Just You … Capitalism Isolates Us All

Never before in human history has our species, innately social to its core, been so cruelly isolated as under modern capitalism.

Trump’s Conviction Shows Turmoil and Instability Are the New Normal

Donald Trump is now the first American president ever convicted of a felony—but the entire ruling class is criminal.

Fire Rafah Gaza
“Rafah Is Burning”: Civilians Massacred as IDF Bombs Refugee Camp

Millions of people around the globe collectively reeled in horror on Sunday after an IDF airstrike laid waste to a tent camp for displaced civilians in Rafah, killing at least 45 people.

Netanyahu International Criminal Court
ICC Arrest Warrant: Will Netanyahu Be Brought Before the Law?

The world’s media was rocked by the surprise news that the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan, is seeking arrest warrants for Benjamin Netanyahu and Yoav Gallant.

UAW Local 4811 Launches Political Strike against UC Campus Repression

In a rare occurrence for US labor, UAW Local 4811 has launched a political strike against brutal police repression of the Gaza solidarity encampments at UCLA and other UC campuses.

Northeast Portland homeless camp
While 15 Million Homes Sit Empty Half A Million People Live without a Roof

Three bedrooms, two kids, reliable healthcare, and a comfy retirement is an unattainable fairytale for the communist generation. In particular, the average American home mortgage now stands at $796,000.