Trump, the Ruling Class, and the Crisis of the Regime

The entire regime of American capitalism is divided, and the era of relative political, economic, and social stability is over.

Boeing 737 MAX 9
737 Max 9 Blowout: Boeing Gambles with Human Lives for Profit

The 737 Max 9 blowout shows once again that Boeing’s bosses play dice with the lives of aircrews and passengers, all for the sake of profit.

Aaron Bushnell: An Act Expressing the Rage and Frustration of Millions

The news of Aaron Bushnell’s brave act of self-sacrifice has powerfully echoed through the hearts of hundreds of millions of men and women.

Love and the Decay of Capitalism

We are living in what some have been calling a “loneliness epidemic.” Only communism will give us the ability to repair human relations and create a world run on the basis of genuine solidarity.

Zelensky Avdiivka
The Fall of Avdiivka: The Beginning of the End

The announcement by the Russian Ministry of Defense that its forces had full control of the Ukrainian town of Avdiivka represents a devastating blow to Ukraine.

NYC Composting: A Peak Behind the Plastic Curtain

NYC’s curbside compost program is a prime example of greenwashing. Residents are encouraged to separate compost from garbage, but it’s like separating fruits from meats before tossing them in a blender: it doesn’t make a […]

Austrian State Apparatus Attacks the IMT over Palestine Solidarity

In yet another scandalous attack on freedom of expression, a number of our Austrian comrades have been summoned by a state prosecutor for their support for the IMT and Palestine.

Divide and Rule: Gentrification of Philly’s Chinatown

The billionaire owners of the Philadelphia 76ers are pushing a new arena which would devour Chinatown. In the face of widespread opposition, the capitalists are leaning on poisonous identity politics to divide the working class.

Rafah Onslaught: The Spark That Could Set the Middle East Alight

Netanyahu is taking his war to another level. His actions threaten to destabilize the whole of the Middle East.

Alan Woods on World Perspectives: Crisis, Class Struggle, and the Tasks of the Communists

At the end of January, around 100 comrades of the IMT from across the globe came together for a leadership meeting that represented a decisive landmark in our history.

It Is Time to Launch a Revolutionary Communist International!

A significant stratum of workers and youth are reaching out to grasp the banner of communism with both hands. We must turn decisively outwards to meet them by building a Revolutionary Communist International.

Port Talbot
Save Port Talbot: Communists Hit the Streets in Britain!

Tata’s decision to close its Port Talbot steelworks will devastate the town. British communists have launched a campaign for workers to get organized, occupy the plant, and demand its full nationalization.