The Fight for a Living Wage: For a Class-Independent Mass Party of Labor

In May of 2005, the common council of Syracuse, N.Y. passed a living wage ordinance, forcing companies doing business with the city to pay their workers at least $10.08 an hour, or $11.91 an hour […]

A First Look at U.S. Election 2004: “Democracy” Rears Its Ugly Head

The U.S. Presidential Election of 2004 marks yet another turning point in the rapidly changing consciousness of the American working class.

Between Iraq and a Hard Place: An Occupation Gone Awry, and a “Job-Loss” Recovery at Home

An Occupation Gone Awry, and a “Job-Loss” Recovery at Home.

US Perspectives 2003/2004

The Workers International League’s yearly overview of the state of the economy, perspectives for the cmoing months, and more. We encourage our readers to read and discuss this document, and above all, to join us […]

2002 – A Year of Betrayal by the Democrats

As we celebrate the holiday season and say goodbye to the year 2002, it is also a time when we look back on the preceding year and make our resolutions for the next. 2002 has […]

Homeland Security? What About Job Security?

As the Republicans celebrate their mid-term election victory, the drums of war are growing ever louder, and the bourgeois economists insist that a sustained recovery is just around the corner. We are told that the […]

US Imperialism and the War on Iraq

As preparations for war with Iraq continue, and prospects for the economy look bleak, John Peterson looks at the complete hypocrisy of the US government in relation to Iraq.

US Perspectives 2002

This document, originally written in April/May of 2002 appeared in the special July 4 edition of Socialist Appeal of that same year.

The Rising Dissent

The anti-globalization, anti-war, and labor movements need to unite under a working-class leadership to fight for a socialist solution to the problems facing working people in the US and internationally.

Is the US Supreme Court Impartial?

The courts are just an extension of the repressive state apparatus used by the ruling class to continue its political and economic dominance. Any attempt to portray the courts as standing above politics is a […]

What Sort of Unity?

John Peterson explains the mood of the American workers after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, outlines the tasks of Marxists and argues against the reactionary idea of “national unity”.

Patriotism, Fear and Panic – What’s Next?

The events of the morning of September 11th have shaken the entire world. One single terrorist attack has not only shocked masses of people out of their daily lives, it has crippled the world economy.