Rich Men North of Richmond: Country Hit Captures Rising Class Anger

The explosive popularity of Oliver Anthony’s country song, “Rich Men North of Richmond,” shows that the rising class consciousness and anger in the US isn’t limited to the millions of youth who consider communism their […]

Oppenheimer: Communism, McCarthyism, and the Bomb

Christopher Nolan’s latest release offers a dramatic and tense look at the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer, exploring the politics of McCarthy-era America along the way.

Capitalism Starves Artists, Not Piracy: How Artists Can Thrive Under Socialism

“Piracy versus artists” is a false dichotomy. On the basis of a democratically planned economy cemented by world proletarian revolution, we could generously fund art, film, books, music, and architecture and make them free for […]

“The Godfather” 50 Years On: A Cinematic Masterpiece Tarnished by Profit

It is now 50 years since the release of The Godfather. The film remains a masterpiece, but the third installment of Coppola’s trilogy reveals the suffocating effect of profit on cinema.

Soviet Cinema: Montage, Revolution, and the Fight for Artistic Freedom

The Russian Revolution ushered in a flowering of creative expression in all the arts. Cinema was advanced to new heights by directors who regarded film as a weapon of class struggle.

The Super Bowl and Super Profits: Sports and the Class Struggle

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the US, topped on the world stage only by the summer Olympics and the FIFA World Cup. This spectacle is the apogee of bourgeois sports and […]

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Shines a Light on the Depravity of the Ruling Class

The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell has opened the curtain on the disgusting den of sin that the capitalist class inhabits.

Squid Game: No Winners Under Capitalism

Squid Game reflects the horrors of capitalism and its death agonies. For the Korean working class, the task is revolution.

Flat-Earth Revival: A Distortion of Capitalism

Like most conspiracy theories, the flat earth theory seeks to “connect the dots” and bring clarity to a world that feels confusing and polarized.

Notre Dame Fire: Capitalism Destroying Our Historical Heritage

Events in Paris demonstrate that capitalism is undermining its own past achievements and those of previous societies.

Capitalism is Erasing Our Past

Not only has capitalism ceased to move society forward, but it is also threatening the human cultural heritage of past generations.

In Defence of Soviet Art: A Reply to Jonathan Jones

Jonathan Jones’ spittle-flecked tirade against a Russian art exhibition is distinguished by a hysteria that borders on the comical.