2022 US Midterms: Turmoil, Polarization, and the Need for a Workers’ Alternative

With the 2022 midterms more or less behind us, the opening shots of the next presidential election campaign are already being fired, and the political waters are, in many ways, even muddier than before.

Republicans and Democrats in Disarray as the 2022 Midterms Loom: Fight Trumpism, Fight for Socialism!

With the GOP decaying into Trumpism, the traditional dynamics of US bourgeois politics have been entirely upended in the last period. We will soon get a partial snapshot of the political moods in American society […]

The Democrats’ “Inflation Reduction Act”: A Desperate Attempt to Save Face

The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act has been celebrated in the liberal press as a great victory. In reality, the ruling class is rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking ship.

Pelosi Recklessly Provokes China with Taiwan Visit

Behind all the hypocritical talk of supporting “democracy,” Pelosi’s visit serves to further the interests of US imperialism and destabilize the region.

Howard Schultz, Union Buster

The growing momentum to unionize Starbucks has caused a panic in the company’s corporate offices and beyond. How can workers fight and win on the basis of class independence?

The End of the Biden Honeymoon

With his domestic policy floundering, and the defeat of the Democrats’ upsets in this off-year election, Biden’s honeymoon is winding down.

Voter Suppression and the Fight to Defend Democratic Rights

Bourgeois democracy offers workers the “choice” of which master will rule us. With Republicans unable to tolerate even this illusion, and Democrats offering only empty promises, what is the way forward for American workers?

The Myth of Joe Biden: 8 Lies Debunked

There are many illusions in Joe Biden, including on the left—but he is no friend of working people. In this article, we answer eight lies about “Uncle Joe”: the leading representative of US imperialism.

What Kind of Party Are We Fighting For? A Reply to Comrades in DSA

In another contribution to the ongoing debate on the “party question,” we reply to comradely feedback submitted by a DSA reading group on key questions of revolutionary strategy.

Miles de niños siguen enjaulados mientras Biden continúa el ataque bipartidista a los inmigrantes

Miles de niños están estando hacinados en jaulas pequeñas a capacidad del 1.600%. La política de inmigración de Biden representa una continuación del ataque bipartidista contra trabajadores indocumentados.

“One Year Ago, the End of Bernie’s Campaign Pushed Me to Marxism”

The notes we received after Bernie dropped out of the race contained themes of class anger and a desire to become politically active.

Building a Mass Socialist Party: Class Independence vs. the “Party Surrogate” Strategy

Every major contradiction in US politics today flows from the fact that the working class has no party of its own. That’s why the DSA debate over the “party question” is here to stay.