Connecticut Democrats Handed Over Community Colleges to Union Busters

As working-class youth, we are told that community colleges are an accessible way to get a start in life. Not in Connecticut.

How to Convince Someone to Join the Fight for Communism

If you’re a communist, then one of your most important responsibilities is to find and organize other communists. With just an afternoon of study, you can get some of the basic ideas under your belt.

How My Professor Taught Marx: A First-Hand Experience with Academic “Marxism”

For the last century, academics have been attempting to distort Marx’s ideas. The task of genuine Marxists is to fight all petty-bourgeois distortions and to maintain the traditions of revolutionary Marxism.

Lessons of the Rutgers Strike

Joining the massive wave of labor action on campuses across the country, academic workers at New Jersey’s largest public university went on strike on April 10. Big lessons for the broader labor movement can be […]

Campus Strikes: Academic Workers Are Fighting Back!

48,000 academic workers in the University of California system are on strike for better wages, part of a growing wave of labor militancy in higher education.

International Marxist University 2022: 1,800 Registered in 100 countries!

The biggest international gathering of Marxists this year is fast approaching! We are proud to announce that over 1,800 people from an incredible 100 countries have now registered.

Scranton School District on the Brink of Collapse

We are often told that America is the greatest country on earth. The devastating effect of austerity on Scranton’s school district contradicts this lie.

Lessons from Minneapolis’s First Teachers’ Strike in 50 Years

After 14 days on the picket lines, Minneapolis public school teachers ended their first strike in over 50 years. Even more important than the concessions they won were the lessons learned for the struggles of […]

Fight School Cuts in Arizona!

Four years after the “Red for Ed” movement, teachers in Arizona and around the country are again under attack. How can labor mobilize to fight back and win?

“Learning Loss” and the Crisis of Education

A recent report revealed strikingly regressive trends for children worldwide since 2020. The criminal capitalist mismanagement of the pandemic is to blame.

Smell the Fear of the Ruling Class

Since 2021, 137 bills have been proposed limiting what schools can teach. What does this say about the capitalists’ confidence in their system? Editorial for issue 31 of Socialist Revolution.

Schools Reopen Across the Country—Workers’ Control Needed!

The current push to return to in-person learning is dictated above all by the capitalists’ desire to reopen the economy. Only workers’ control can guarantee a safe reopening!