It’s Not Just You … Capitalism Isolates Us All

Never before in human history has our species, innately social to its core, been so cruelly isolated as under modern capitalism.

Love and the Decay of Capitalism

We are living in what some have been calling a “loneliness epidemic.” Only communism will give us the ability to repair human relations and create a world run on the basis of genuine solidarity.

“Scum of the Earth”: The Capitalists Who Created the Opioid Crisis

A socialist transformation of society is the only viable solution to end the opioid epidemic and other horrors caused by this system.

Stay Alive and Fight: Why I Joined the IMT

The next couple of decades are going to be a turning point in human history. Socialism in our lifetime is absolutely on the table—if we choose to stick around and fight for it.

Capitalism’s Assault on Youth Mental Health

Last December, the US Surgeon General released a rare Official Advisory which painted a dismal picture of youth mental health. Capitalism’s continued existence is destroying the mental and physical wellbeing of millions.

Capitalist Profits vs Mental Health

In a rational society, mental health treatment would be built around quality care and compassion. Under capitalism, it is characterized by exploitation, corruption, and a single-minded pursuit of profits.

The Wear and Tear of Working in America

All proletarians have some experience of the wear and tear and degradation of working life, whether they labor in restaurants, warehouses, daycares, or a big rig.

The Campus Crisis of Mental Health

Without a materialist, class perspective of the factors that give rise to mental illness in students, the roots of the problem cannot be addressed.

How Capitalism Profits from Eating Disorders

The prevalence of eating disorders is yet another indictment of capitalism’s willingness to sacrifice people’s lives at the altar of capital.

Social Media Under Capitalism: Addictive, Manipulative, and Alienating

The profit motive is ultimately responsible for the addictive nature of internet technologies.

Self-Improvement and Self-Care: Survival Tactics of Late Capitalism

The crisis of mental health is neither “human nature” nor the sum of millions of individual experiences. It is a systemic problem with a systemic solution. Nothing prevents us from creating an unimaginably superior world […]

"Lost Connections" Review: The Material Basis of Depression

The only way to ensure that people are not alienated from the world around them is to give them genuine control over their lives.