Cement plant Glacier Northwest Joe Mabel, Wikimedia Commons
Supreme Court Attacks the Right to Strike

The Supreme Court is again attacking the right to strike. The labor movement needs to fight back!

Rutgers University 2023 Strike Miles Acquaviva Wikimedia Commons
Lessons of the Rutgers Strike

Joining the massive wave of labor action on campuses across the country, academic workers at New Jersey’s largest public university went on strike on April 10. Big lessons for the broader labor movement can be […]

Trouble in Hollywood: Writers Guild on Strike

The crisis of capitalism means there is no job free from the grinding oppression of the profit motive. A victory for the Writers Guild of America would be a victory for the entire working class […]

US Chamber of Commerce Building
How the Ruling Class Controls the Courts

As the labor movement gains momentum, the US Chamber of Commerce—the largest pro-business lobbying group in the country—is working hand-in-glove with the Supreme Court to undermine workers’ rights.

Oil workers Iran strike April 2023
Nationwide Industrial Strike in Iran: Revolutionary Youth Call for a General Strike!

A nationwide strike has broken out across Iran. Beginning April 21 at 18 workplaces, it has spread to over 100 firms across the mining, steel, and oil-gas sectors.

Found Photo US Manitowoc Extractor Kingwood Mining Company 1969
Letter from a Colorado Mining Industry Worker

While other industries can shutter a storefront overnight to stifle unionization efforts, mining corporations cannot do the same with a mining operation. Conditions are rotten-ripe for the expropriation of these crucial industries, which we cannot […]

Labor Struggle in the US: The Sleeping Giant Stirs

This episode of Socialist Revolution podcast features an interview between our comrade Tom Trottier and Joe Attard from our international headquarters in London about the exciting developments in the US labor movement.

Latvia Teachers' Strike Charles Edward Miller
All-Latvian Teachers’ Strike: Class Struggle On the Rise In the Baltics

We are beginning to see a change in the class struggle in the Baltic States, with a national, three-day strike by education workers in April. This is a sign of things to come.

Why the Longest Miners’ Strike in US History Ended in Defeat

The courageous struggle of the Warrior Met coal miners ended in defeat. It show that harnessing that vast power of the working class starts with an uncompromising class perspective.

Mega-Strike ver.di Germany
German Mega-Strike: A Turning Point for the Working Class

Germany was shaken by its largest strike in 30 years. This “mega-strike,” organized by two of the country’s biggest unions, brought the German transport system to a complete standstill.

France Union Demonstration Antoine Oury
The French Government Is Weak: Now Finish It Off!

The French government’s use of Article 49.3 of the constitution to force through Macron’s pension reforms without a parliamentary vote on March 16 marked a turning point in the development of the struggle.

Penn Medicine Station
Doctors in the Class Struggle: An Interview with a Marxist Physician

Socialist Revolution sat down with a Penn Medicine resident to discuss the union campaign at the workplace. As Marx put it, “the bourgeoisie has converted the physician into its paid wage laborer.”