Yellow Vests French Revolution
France: The Yellow Vests, Act IV—Turn the Movement into a Revolution!

A revolutionary situation is developing in France; all that is now lacking is leadership and a clear program of action rooted in the working class.

France in a “State of Insurrection” as the Yellow Vests Advance

The Gilets Jaunes movement in France is at a turning point: the organized working class has begun to enter the struggle, as have the students.

France at the Threshold of a Revolutionary Crisis

The social and political situation in France is moving at a breakneck speed. What will be the decisive factor in pushing the yellow vests movement forward?

NYC Teachers Strike 1968
What Can We Learn from the 1968 NYC Teachers’ Strikes? 

Three consecutive teachers’ strikes took place 50 years ago; there are many lessons we can draw from the experience to ensure the victory of the working class in the struggles ahead.

CUPW Strike Canadian Post Workers
Canada Post Workers Under Attack: Solidarity Needed Now!

Solidarity appeal from the Fightback comrades in Canada, in support of striking CUPW members who face anti-union attacks from the Trudeau government.

Teamsters Strike UPS Contract
Sellout at UPS

UPS workers fighting for better terms are not only taking on their bosses, but also the roadblocks put in place by the Teamsters union leadership.

USPS delivery worker
Step Over the Line: A Letter from a Red Letter Carrier

A member of Socialist Revolution and USPS worker exposes management’s abuses and exploitative practices.

Teachers Fight Back Against Austerity

From West Virginia to Oklahoma and Arizona, teachers are on the move!

The Menace of Janus and How to Fight Back

Rather than viewing this threat as a mere legal battle, labor should take it as a sign that it’s high time to bring back class struggle methods.

The Turning of the Tide

Editorial for Socialist Revolution Issue 6: Capitalism beware! The West Virginia teachers and high school students nationwide are leading the charge as the mass movement roars back to life.

A Brief History of Tipping and the Struggle for a Living Wage

The capitalists in the service sector have relied on the tipping system to keep wages abysmally low. But sooner or later the growing discontent will find an outlet.

West Virginia Teachers Make Labor History!

Teachers have come out on strike in all 55 counties of West Virginia to give the country an instruction in the ABCs of class struggle.

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