US Perspectives 2006 – The Labor Movement

The pendulum of the class struggle, which has been swinging mercilessly against working people for the past twenty-five years, is starting to swing the other way, with the beginnings of a fight back by the […]

UE Convention Resolutions: Stand Up for The Rights of Immigrant Workers

Resolution of United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America on immigrants' rights.

New Video from the Workers International League

This new video, created by members of the WIL in Detroit,vividly documents the militancy of the Soldiers of Solidarity and their struggle at Delphi. Learn more about the SoS here, where you can also send […]

The Soldiers of Solidarity & Lessons from Venezuela

As the important struggle of the rank and file "Soldiers of Solidarity" at Delphi continues, we can learn much from the experiences of working people across Latin America, a continent in the throes of a […]

The Struggle on the Docks – Will Bush Intervene?

As the conflict between the bosses (PMA) and the dockers (ILWU) continues, David May looks at the real interests of the US ruling class, and the prospects for a broad revival of the working class […]

9/11 and the Story That Stays Under-Reported

There is a terrorism that is generated by bombs, guns, and passenger planes turned into missiles, but all of these are nothing when compared to the terror of a speculative production system gone berserk.

Working Men and Women Have No Representation

The need for a mass party of labor based on the unions is more acute than ever.  From issue number 15 of Socialist Appeal. We must start building such a party now.

The Fight for a Living Wage: For a Class-Independent Mass Party of Labor

By Chris Boutilier        In May of 2005, the common council of Syracuse, N.Y. passed a […]

While the Big 3 Savage Delphi, Auto Workers Demand: "No Concessions!"

As the Big Three U.S. auto makers gear up for a showdown with the UAW over national bargaining agreements, rank and file auto workers met across the United States in mid-December and firmly agreed that […]

After the Split – Which Direction for Labor?

As the dust settles after the split of the Teamsters, SEIU, UFCW, and UNITE HERE from the AFL-CIO federation at their annual convention in Chicago, the crisis facing the Labor Movement in the U.S. has […]

Lessons of the Post–WWII Soldiers’ Movement: the Strikes of 1945–46

The history books conveniently skip over the massive revolutionary wave which swept the world after World War II. The United States was no exception, with the largest strike wave in history.