[Video] Election 2020 and the Fight for Socialist Revolution

What will the election results mean for the US working class? What should socialists do in the aftermath of Biden’s pyrrhic victory? John Peterson introduces this discussion at our post-election Marxist School.

Revolutionary Socialism and the Fight Against Wall Street’s President

Trump may have been beaten at the polls, but Trumpism and the system he and the Democrats defend are far from finished. Only socialism defeats Trump—and Trumpism!

Joe Biden: The Fossil Fuel President

Joe Biden presided with Obama over the largest oil boom in US history. His win is a victory for the energy sector capitalists, not for the climate.

Biden’s Win Is No Victory for the Working Class: We Need a Workers’ Party!

Joe Biden has won the 2020 presidential elections, to the delight of the establishment, and the relief of millions of ordinary Americans fed up with Donald Trump. But his presidency will not resolve any of […]

Break with the Democrats! A Resolution Presented to Phoenix DSA

We republish a resolution presented in the Phoenix DSA chapter. Written by Marxist members of DSA who support our ideas, it argues for a clean break from the Democrats and for independent class politics.

Electoral Chaos and the Crisis of American Bourgeois Democracy

Election night has come and gone without any clear results. Here we provide an analysis of where things stand one day into the post-election chaos.

US Elections 2020: The Dumpster Fire of American Bourgeois Democracy

American society is as polarized as it has ever been in living memory. But this much is clear already: the working class has no candidate in today’s election.

Supreme Court Building
The US Supreme Court and the Truth About Capitalist Justice

A closer look at the history and workings of the US Supreme Court reveals that, as a key institution in capitalist society, it is not the “last line of defense for progress,” but rather the […]

Tara Reade, Lesser Evilism, and Shifting the Blame

While paying lip service to women’s rights, the Democrats buried Joe Biden’s history of sexual abuse because of the “greater evil” of Trump and the Republicans.

[Video] Socialism vs Lesser Evilism: A Marxist Roundtable on the 2020 Election

Should socialists vote for Biden? What’s the Marxist take on the 2020 election? Join us for a livestream roundtable discussion this Saturday 10/24 at 7PM ET!

Trump Instability White House Explosion
[Audio] Constitutional Chaos and COVID in the White House: A Marxist Take on Election 2020

In the latest Socialist Revolution podcast episode, John Peterson provides an update on the unfolding crises in the US political, social, and economic situation.

Protest of Black Lives Matter
Breonna Taylor: There Can Be No Justice for the Majority Under Capitalism!

The Breonna Taylor case shows that we can have no illusions in the capitalist judicial system. Only the organized working class has the power to put an end to the never-ending string of racist murders […]