Trump’s Arrest Deepens the Crisis of the Regime

In yet another sign of the growing instability of US bourgeois politics, criminal charges have been filed against a former president for the first time in American history.

The Commies Are Coming!

The sad attempt at provoking a new Red Scare doesn’t have any serious traction. But the communists are, indeed, coming. They’re coming, not to reform capitalism, but to abolish it.

Chicago Elections: You Can’t Reform a Broken System

On February 28, voters in Chicago will go to the polls. Although the working class is the vast majority of the population, we have no party in this election.

Socialists, Beware! Congress Has “Denounced the Horrors of Socialism”!

Socialists around the globe, beware—the United States Congress has denounced your horrors! Earlier this month, that beacon of freedom and justice overwhelmingly passed H. Con. Res. 9 to denounce “the horrors of socialism.”

[Audio] Class War vs. Culture War | NYC Marxist School 2022

In this talk from the 2022 NYC Marxist School, Laura Brown gives a Marxist analysis of the so-called “culture war,” and provides a class-struggle perspective for the fight to end oppression.

[Video] Why the US Is Heading Toward Revolution | NYC Marxist School 2022

In this talk from the NYC Marxist School 2022, Socialist Revolution editor Antonio Balmer explores how the impasse of capitalism is paving the way for a revolution in the US.

[Audio] Why the US Is Heading toward Revolution | NYC Marxist School 2022

Socialist Revolution editor Antonio Balmer takes a look at how the impasse of capitalism is paving the way for a revolution in the US. This talk was one of the sessions from the 2022 NYC […]

Railroad Strike: No to Congress, Support the Right to Strike!

Biden and Congress are trying to illegalize a rail strike, but the railway workers can defeat them if they are united and prepare for battle.

Kanye and the Culture War: How Do Marxists Fight Antisemitism?

Recently in LA, a fascist group dropped a banner over a freeway that read: “Kanye is right.” How can we explain the recent rise in antisemitism, and what should the response of Marxists be?

2022 US Midterms: Turmoil, Polarization, and the Need for a Workers’ Alternative

With the 2022 midterms more or less behind us, the opening shots of the next presidential election campaign are already being fired, and the political waters are, in many ways, even muddier than before.

Slavery on the Ballot in 2022

157 years after the ratification of the 13th Amendment, voters in five states—Alabama, Louisiana, Oregon, Tennessee, and Vermont—will face ballot questions on the abolition of slavery in the 2022 midterms.

Divide and Rule: Racism and Identity Politics on the L.A. City Council

Recent comments by Los Angeles City Councilors starkly revealed the racist underbelly of American politics and the reactionary role played by identity politics.