Landlord Terror Returns to Philadelphia

Tenants in Philadelphia once again face the prospect of being forced from their homes after a month-long eviction moratorium ended on August 21.

Crisis of the capitalist establishment
Pride Before the Fall: Crisis of the Capitalist Establishment

We are witnessing a profound crisis of legitimacy and moral decomposition of the entire capitalist system. Former US President Donald Trump’s latest legal drama is just one more in a ceaseless succession of establishment scandals.

Alphabet Boys Revelations: How the FBI Infiltrated and Undermined Black Lives Matter

For years, it was alleged that state infiltrators had a hand in undermining the BLM movement. However, there was little irrefutable evidence—until now.

SCOTUS Overturns Affirmative Action: Fight for Jobs and Education for All!

The Supreme Court has ruled against the legality of affirmative action admissions practices. But to fight racism and inequality, we must see beyond the confines of capitalism and fight for jobs and education for all.

Courts Block Student Debt Relief: To Cancel Student Debt, Cancel Capitalism!

The Supreme Court ruled against Biden’s debt forgiveness plan. The for-profit nature of education in American capitalism has given rise to a huge stratum of deeply indebted workers struggling to make payments on their loans […]

Federal Charges Against Trump and Hunter Biden Underscore Instability in US Politics

President Biden’s son will plead guilty to federal tax and gun charges in yet another example of the growing instability and lack of confidence in US institutions as we head into the 2024 presidential election.

US Perspectives 2023: The Road to the Third American Revolution

Drafted as a discussion document to be amended and voted on at the 2023 National Congress of the US section of the IMT, this text draws a balance sheet of the events that have unfolded […]

Divide and Conquer: The Class Interests behind the Wave of Transphobic Legislation

A reactionary frenzy of transphobic bills is sweeping legislatures across the US. The fight against this oppression can only take on a mass character by taking on a class character.

US Economy on Collision Course with Debt Ceiling

On or around June 1, the federal government will no longer have the money to continue paying its bills, potentially resulting in an unprecedented default that would send catastrophic shockwaves across the world economy.

Trump’s Arrest Deepens the Crisis of the Regime

In yet another sign of the growing instability of US bourgeois politics, criminal charges have been filed against a former president for the first time in American history.

The Commies Are Coming!

The sad attempt at provoking a new Red Scare doesn’t have any serious traction. But the communists are, indeed, coming. They’re coming, not to reform capitalism, but to abolish it.

Chicago Elections: You Can’t Reform a Broken System

On February 28, voters in Chicago will go to the polls. Although the working class is the vast majority of the population, we have no party in this election.