Help Wanted
The “Labor Shortage”: Workers Must Go on the Offensive!

Labor’s future lies not with the practices of the recent past, but with the resurrection of the methods that built our movement in the first place.

Liz Cheney Ousted from GOP Leadership: Trumpism Is Alive and Kicking

The ousting of Liz Cheney is an indication of Trumpism’s continued hold over the Republican Party, which threatens the stability of the establishment.

Biden’s Infrastructure Plan and the Decline of American Capitalism

Biden announced his proposal for a $2 trillion infrastructure initiative. It’s important for socialists to draw a balance sheet of this plan and place it in its appropriate context.

Biden’s Climate Plan: Capitalist Interests Come First

The climate catastrophe represents an existential crisis for humanity. We need radical change on this issue, not for Biden to let big business set the pace.

“One Year Ago, the End of Bernie’s Campaign Pushed Me to Marxism”

The notes we received after Bernie dropped out of the race contained themes of class anger and a desire to become politically active.

The “Fight for $15” in 2021

Marxists support even the smallest reforms and would be in favor of legislation that raised the federal minimum wage to $15. But we must be clear that in 2021, $15 is far from being a […]

Building a Mass Socialist Party: Class Independence vs. the “Party Surrogate” Strategy

Every major contradiction in US politics today flows from the fact that the working class has no party of its own. That’s why the DSA debate over the “party question” is here to stay.

We Are Not “All in This Together”

Far from offering any fundamental change needed to improve the lives of the working class, Biden’s task is to give the impression of change while leaving capitalism intact.

Biden’s “Diversity” and the Fight Against Oppression

The mainstream press has billed Joe Biden’s administration as the “most diverse ever.” Behind the rhetoric of “healing” and “unity,” the incoming cabinet has a long history of corporate ties and attacks on the working […]

Who Benefits from the Reopening of California?

California Governor Newsom lifted the stay-at-home order across the state. The contradictions of capitalism are fully revealed in the conflict between the economy and the population’s health.

The Civil War in the Republican Party

With just weeks left in his term, Trump crossed a line by fanning the flames of the riot at the Capitol. Profound divisions have surfaced within the Republican Party in the weeks that have followed.

[Video] Trump’s “Coup” and the Crisis of US Democracy

Antonio Balmer addressed a meeting of our British comrades, explaining that the storming of Capitol Hill is a graphic illustration of the deep crisis of American bourgeois democracy.