Kanye and the Culture War: How Do Marxists Fight Antisemitism?

Recently in LA, a fascist group dropped a banner over a freeway that read: “Kanye is right.” How can we explain the recent rise in antisemitism, and what should the response of Marxists be?

2022 US Midterms: Turmoil, Polarization, and the Need for a Workers’ Alternative

With the 2022 midterms more or less behind us, the opening shots of the next presidential election campaign are already being fired, and the political waters are, in many ways, even muddier than before.

Slavery on the Ballot in 2022

157 years after the ratification of the 13th Amendment, voters in five states—Alabama, Louisiana, Oregon, Tennessee, and Vermont—will face ballot questions on the abolition of slavery in the 2022 midterms.

Divide and Rule: Racism and Identity Politics on the L.A. City Council

Recent comments by Los Angeles City Councilors starkly revealed the racist underbelly of American politics and the reactionary role played by identity politics.

Is the US Headed for Another Civil War?

It is self-evident that the US is gripped by intense polarization and discontent. But does this really mean we are doomed to a helpless descent into sporadic violence?

Trump rally
Republicans and Democrats in Disarray as the 2022 Midterms Loom: Fight Trumpism, Fight for Socialism!

With the GOP decaying into Trumpism, the traditional dynamics of US bourgeois politics have been entirely upended in the last period. We will soon get a partial snapshot of the political moods in American society […]

Capitalism at an Impasse

Only the conscious efforts of the working class can ensure the victory of the world socialist revolution and bring order out of capitalism’s chaos. Editorial for issue 34 of Socialist Revolution magazine.

Howard Schultz, Union Buster

The growing momentum to unionize Starbucks has caused a panic in the company’s corporate offices and beyond. How can workers fight and win on the basis of class independence?

Amazon Labor Union
Amazon Labor Union and the Awakening of the American Working Class

A wave of unionization in the US is enthusing and inspiring workers all around the world. These struggles are just the beginning of the awakening of a colossus that will change the course of history.

Joe Biden
The End of the Biden Honeymoon

With his domestic policy floundering, and the defeat of the Democrats’ upsets in this off-year election, Biden’s honeymoon is winding down.

Voter Suppression and the Fight to Defend Democratic Rights

Bourgeois democracy offers workers the “choice” of which master will rule us. With Republicans unable to tolerate even this illusion, and Democrats offering only empty promises, what is the way forward for American workers?

The L.A. Mayor’s Race and the Farce of “Progressive” Democrats

A rogue’s gallery of class enemies have announced their intention to run for mayor of Los Angeles in 2022. We need a mass working-class socialist party!