Statement: Internationalist Solidarity with the Central American Migrant Caravan

We publish here a joint solidarity statement from the comrades of Bloque Popular Juvenil in El Salvador, Izquierda Marxista in Honduras, and La Izquierda Socialista in Mexico.

[Leaflet] ¡Legalización Inmediata Incondicional Para Todos!

Tras los últimos ataques de Trump contra los inmigrantes, miles de trabajadores y jóvenes están participando en manifestaciones para luchar contra estas políticas brutales.

[Leaflet] Immediate Unconditional Legalization for All!

The demand to #AbolishICE is gaining traction in the wake of Trump’s latest attacks—but the repression on the border goes far beyond this individual agency.

To Fight Trump’s Attacks on Immigrants: Legalization for All!

The despicable treatment of detainees at the border has evoked deep outrage across the country. These cruelties are tied to the rottenness of capitalism and its ongoing social decay.

Only a Socialist Policy Can Protect Undocumented Workers

Armed with internationalist class-struggle policies, the labor movement has the potential to become an unstoppable force against the bipartisan deportation machine.

Defeating Trump’s “Deportation Force”

Since coming to power, Trump has hit hard and fast. In his first weeks in office, he has put 11 million undocumented workers in the crosshairs.

Lest We Forget—When It Was Europeans Who Were the Migrants

“The immigrants get all the jobs and houses, while the Italians—or British, or French—get nothing! The government should think of Italians first—or British, or French first!” How many times do we hear this kind of […]

Refugees Welcome: Make the Bosses Pay!

The refugee crisis has brought the horrors of capitalist society, as well as the contrast between the basic human solidarity of ordinary working people and the cold calculation of capitalist rulers.

The Fraud of Obama’s Immigration “Reform”

Millions of US immigrants, their families, co-workers, friends, and supporters had their hopes for relief from their difficult conditions built up by advance hype for President Obama’s November 20 speech on immigration policy reform. All such hopes […]

Immigration: Immediate and Unconditional Legalization for All

In the Spring of 2006, millions of immigrant workers flooded the streets of the United States to say “enough is enough!” But tragically, as with so many other spontaneous explosions of the class struggle, the […]

Their Immigration Reform and Ours

With this year’s May Day mobilizations, the question of immigration is again a hot topic for discussion. Since 2006, when millions of immigrants and their allies took the streets in historic marches, May 1st has […]

For a Working Class Program in the Struggle for Immigrant Rights

Two years after the massive marches and the national boycott and strike of May Day 2006, the problems facing immigrant workers are far from being resolved. On the contrary, we have entered a new stage […]